True stories about being married to a TV Meteorologist

My name is Alyssa Brackett and I am the wife of a Meteorologist. I also love wine.

Now that that’s out of the way, to quote Toby Keith, “I wanna talk about me.” If you know me, you know my husband Aaron is a TV Meteorologist. When I meet new people they ask me the following 1. Why have you lived in so many places? 2. What brought you to Oklahoma? 3. How did you meet Aaron? Well, my answer to #1. Because of My husbands job #2. Because of my husbands job #3. Internship together at the same TV station in Illinois. Without a beat everyone asks follow up questions about Aaron, wanting to know how weather works, how many famous people he knows (Al Roker), if he’s the TV weatherman or some weird behind the scene guy… I end up talking about him and his job and offering to give them studio tours.

It’s great meeting new friends, I understand the questions that naturally come when hearing our story, and I don’t mind talking about Aaron, TV, his job (yes he is the one on TV, he does work on the green screen, no he doesn’t have a script, and please stop calling him weatherman), but sometimes I want to tell people my side of the story. And so, Herein lies my blog idea: Wife of a Meteorologist where I can tell you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the stuff you never even thought of all from my point of view.











(Our first time chasing together and no, we didn’t see anything.)


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