Rockford and Oklahoma City stations Aaron has been at have both hosted “Weather School”.  The weathermen Meteorologists from the TV station get to go into schools and give about an hour talk to elementary school kids. Usually it’s one weatherman Meteorologist that goes in and visits. They will go in, tell the kids about themselves, how they got into weather, show them a video, and have the kiddos ask questions at the end. I’ve witnessed a few school talks, and I think they are adorable. The kids always have stories to share and questions to ask. Sometimes, they will write ‘thank you’ cards to show their appreciation, this is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen and I’d like to share some with you:

Thank you Aaron Brackket

This one looks like a valentines day card, she must have a crush =) How cute!

card 2

Jazz hands!

card 8

Hey Emily, these girls say hi…

card 10

card 9

There’s a tornado in the distance!

card 6

The dominator…very accurate 😉

card 5

I’m so glad they think he’s good at his job!

card 3

Watch out for the lightening lightning bolt!

card 1

Whaaaat? I’ll never be able to draw like this!!!

card 4

tee hee…”Comeing”, “geolige” “astronomie” “hoby”–I wish we got cards every week!!!

Weather School is the best entertainment!