Anyone who moves around a lot understands the angst of having to start all over again in a new city. You have to find a new grocery store, a new gym, meet new neighbors, find a vet, new doctors, find new jobs, meet new co-workers, the list of ‘new things’ goes on and on.

It was only natural for me to go visit the new station Aaron was working at, KFOR Channel 4; I had to see the new weather-lab, newsroom, meet the new co-workers, see Reed Timmer’s 4 Warn-Dominator 4 vehicle, and of course see the station helicopter.

This is the biggest market Aaron and I have been in as far as TV market size goes, so it was a lot of fun to see a ‘big’ studio, actually they have two studios thanks to KFOR’s sister station KAUT. We had never had a dedicated ‘storm chasing’ vehicle nor a helicopter in our other TV markets, so I definitely had to see those. Not only does the station have the Dominator and helicopter, but they also have commercials dedicated to promoting the Dominator 4 and Bob Moore Chopper 4! I had seen so many commercials featuring Bob Moore Chopper 4 and Reed Timmer’s Dominator 4 leading up to my visit, that I was going to really ‘wow’ those two guys when I met them. I was going to be cool, calm, and collected; I couldn’t be too excited to meet them, but I also didn’t want to seem too uninterested; it was a fine line I had to walk as Aaron would be working with them for a while. First impressions always mean the most.

Before I continue, please feel free to watch the promo commercials for both Dominator 4 and Chopper 4:

Here is a commercial for Reed Timmer’s Dominator 4:

And here is the commercial for Bob Moore Chopper 4:

Exciting, right?! These are two very intense guys who seem like they are always up for an adventure. But wait, I like adventures too! I’d clearly have a lot to talk with these guys about, after all, I’ve been skydiving and storm chasing, how many other people can say they’ve done that? I was totally going to impress them with being a badass TV weatherman Meteorologist wife.


After I saw the station and got the whole studio tour, it was time to see the helicopter. Usually the helicopter is locked up, but I had great timing with my visit and was in luck as the pilot was there! Aaron walked me into a backroom area where some engineers were along with the pilot of Chopper 4. Aaron introduced me to the group, “Hey guys, this is my wife Alyssa, I’m showing her around the studio for the first time…” blah, blah, blah, you know how introductions go in a group. All the guys shook my hand and introduced themselves to me, but I had already met so many people during that visit I was never going to retain their names; but one face stood out because I had seen the Chopper 4 promo so much…the time had come.

He looked at me, shook my hand and said, “Hey, I’m Jon Welsh good to meet you.”–totally normal introduction, but me being the ‘funny whipper-snapper’ that I am had so make the first time memorable so I said, “Oh so you’re Bob Moore Chopper 4! Good to meet you!”

I bet you’re thinking, “but wait Alyssa, he had clearly said, ‘Hey, I’m Jon Welsh'” and you’re right, he totally did say that, and I had clearly only heard the TV promos say “Bob Moore Chopper 4” and never heard the rest of the commercial where it states that it’s piloted by Jon Welsh; and I was clearly trying too hard to make an awesome first impression that when he actually introduced himself to me I just stared at him acting as if I was listening, but my brain was just telling me, “Say something funny, Alyssa” so I had actually missed any real human interaction that one would normally have upon first introductions.

And, how sad on my part that the funniest thing I could think to say was, “Oh so you’re Bob Moore Chopper 4!”—Dear lord, I’m right up there with the people who tell Aaron that “it must be great to have a job where you can be wrong 50% of the time.”

Jon’s reaction and facial expression kind of looked like this:


Aaron was more like:


I had the following reaction:


Aaron and I swiftly walked away, I never corrected myself after I called him Bob Moore (which for those of you who don’t know, Bob Moore is a car dealership here in OKC).

Since that first meeting, I’ve haven’t seen Jon Welsh at the station, I haven’t seen him at social gathers; I bet he doesn’t even remember meeting me…but now you know the about my epic fail on the day I met Bob Moore Chopper 4 Pilot Jon Welsh.