The inspiration for me to write this blog came pretty easily after Aaron got to go up in the station helicopter this week. As a disclaimer, I am very supportive of my husband, I am very happy for him with all the wonderful experiences he gets to have through his job as a TV weatherman Meteorologist in the 3 markets we have lived in (Rockford, Tucson, & Oklahoma City), every opportunity he gets is a blessing to have been given, but I have to admit, I’m hella jealous sometimes. Scratch that, I’m jealous of him every time!!! He has been able to do some really cool things while I get to hang out in my awesome office chair staring at a computer screen all day long. Now,I don’t want to say my job is boring, I do get to go up and down the stairs to use different printers which is always exciting as my computer doesn’t always connect the first few times; so I then get to go back and forth, and back and forth to try and figure out why that darn printer isn’t printing. It’s usually something fun like I forgot to actually hit the ‘print’ button or it’s out of paper. I also get to go into the warehouse sometimes and experience what no A/C feels like on a hot summer day while taking care of miscellaneous ‘marketing’ tasks; this is exciting because I get to feel like I’m in the show “The Office”- they don’t play basketball in there, and there is no artist painting a mural on the wall, and my boss doesn’t hold ‘jam sessions’ with his band, we also don’t have a bailer for me to put bubble wrap into (side-note: we do have bubble paper in the office, and I do get to pop it), but there are industrial sized fans which are fun to stand in front of, I kind of look like this (except my hair is in my face and I have work appropriate clothes on, but when I’m wearing a skirt it gets interesting…): fan Let’s be honest, when I’m not in front of the industrial sized fans, I’m more like: bubble Let’s be even more honest, Aaron’s job is cooler in every way. Here are some fun thing’s he’s done the past 5 years that I’m totally jealous of  so happy he’s been able to experience:     2011 skydiving                                    #skydiving with Skydive Chicago for their grand opening at a new location 2012 tucson pet

#Petting a cool Gila Monster in Tucson

biggest loser runner up david brown     Meeting #BiggestLoser David Brown runner up.

            helicopter ride

       #Helicopter ride with John Welsh

             indoor skydiving-tuscon

         #IndoorSkydiving in Eloy, AZ

        interview tiger woods at accenture matchplay

     #Interview Tiger Woods in Tucson for the Accenture Matchplay Tournament

              juggle with clowns

              #Juggle with clowns, who wouldn’t want to try that?

             media race

              Race a car at the #RockfordSpeedway Media Race Day

              senator McCain

      Meet #Senator John McCain

            Sticking head out of 1930s B-17 bomber at 3000 ft

                 Ride in a #1930sB-17 Bomber Plane

        tom skilling

Got to intern with the “Meteorologist for Meteorologists” #Tom Skilling!

Interviewed Donkey’s–Trust me, just click and watch

MX 2 Stunt Plane Ride_ Went Twice and took 8Gs

Experienced 8g’s in a MX2 #Stunt plane

Morning Live Shot at Metro Center

Ride #dirt bikes


#water-ski with the Ski Bronx

Images not shown:

  • Got to interview the Jackson family
  • riding in a Monster Truck
  • Pet a Koala
  • Stuck in a Haboob (hehe, “haboob”…it’s a sandstorm…Question: “What do you get when there are multiple sandstorms?” Answer: “Haboobies!”
  • Introduce the rodeo to a group of 10,000 audience members while making an entrance in a horse buggy.

In closing, TV weathermen Meteorologists may not get to experience your normal Monday through Friday 8am-5pm job where they look forward to popping bubble wrap and playing ‘Baywatch” in front of an industrial fan, but they do get to do everything else fun.